Las Cazuelas Restaurant has served the greater Silicon Valley community for over 40 years. We are Grace and Jimmy Armas who, as your hosts, bring delicious, authentic cooking to San Jose's historic Rose Garden District.

     Experts agree that, more than any other regional variety of cuisine, our Jalisco-style food is considered to be classically Mexican. As the fifth largest state, west coast Jalisco is home to pristine white sand beaches, snow-capped volcanic peaks, and verdant inland valleys. It is also the origin of such famous Mexican hallmarks as mariachi music and heady tequila. Familiar destinations like Puerto Vallarta plus the region's capital and cultural center, Guadalajara—Mexico's second largest city—all make their contributions to Jalisco's delightfully varied cuisine. This includes sparkling fresh seafood along with such definitive dishes as chicken mole.

Our style of cuisine is known as, "la cocina tapatía". This refers to the large, dazzlingly dark eyes that are readily associated with tapatía women, or those beauties from the central state of Jalisco. "Las Cazuelas" derives from the word "cazuela" which refers to a deep clay pot and evokes memories of slow cooked foods that impart the most robust flavors. In fact, Jalisco is the root of "Jalapeño" that familiar and flavorful chile pepper which is the key ingredient of our restaurant's famous homemade salsa fresca. The cuisine of Jalisco: la cocina tapatía What is a Tapatía? They are large, gorgeous, dark eyes and are typically associated with tapatía women, or those from the central state of Jalisco. A Jalisciense will tell you that only tapatías can have the coveted eyes although, in reality, there are women with alluring eyes throughout Mexico.